Boyd E Smith Elementary

School Newspaper Program

Fifth and sixth grade students attending Pattison, Meadowview and Boyd E. Smith Elementary schools have the opportunity to participate in the Milford Elementary Newspaper Program. Over the course of the school year, students dedicate a portion of their week to putting together an informative and entertaining newspaper for the school and community to enjoy. Each issue is filled with teacher and student interviews, games and contests, short stories and unique features which reflect the current happenings both within the community of each school while also touching on current events making headlines at the time. 

Below are the 2016-2017 issues of the B.E.S. Times:

Vol. 7, Issue 1   November 2016

Vol. 7, Issue 2   December 2016

Vol. 7, Issue 3   February 2017

Vol. 7, Issue 4   April 2017