The State of Ohio offers funding to school districts for construction projects through the Ohio School Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). Check out OFCC's website here.

OFCC Acronyms explained:


The Classroom Facilities Assistant Program (CFAP) is a statewide program that offers co-funding from the state. The OFCC determines a district's wealth and determines the local and state share of facilities projects. For Milford Exempted Village School District, OFCC has determined that the state would co-fund 27 percent of qualifying facility projects and the community would pay for the remaining 73 percent. 


The Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP) allows a district to begin portions of a facilities plan and then earn funding from the state to be used for future projects. Under ELPP, a district pays for projects with community funds, usually with passage of a bond issue.


In May 2021, the Board of Education passed a resolution to approve participation in OFCC's Notice of Conditional Approval (NOCA) program - which, if approved by the state, will provide co-funding for the district's proposed construction project to build a new 6-8 middle school. The district will find out in late July if the funding is approved.