BAC Recommends Change in Start Times

Posted on: May 18, 2018

Milford's Business Advisory Council (BAC), under the direction of chairperson Geoff Pittman, has been studying two issues this school year assigned to them by the Milford Board of Education. The first was branding and the second was start times at Milford Junior High and Milford High School.

On the branding issue, the BAC recommended hiring SHP leading design to lead a rebranding campaign. Mr. Pittman read a resolution listing the benefits of a consistent and professional brand to build awareness, pride, and loyalty. A committee of administrators, board members, and parents started working with SHP in April to start the rebranding process. A survey will be shared with parents and the community for feedback.

At the Board of Education meeting held on May 10, 2018, BAC members Jennifer Naylor and Mary Ann Ackermann, shared a PowerPoint presentation with the Board on the BAC’s research and recommendation on junior high and high school start times.

Based on their documented medical findings and the America Medication Association and American Association of Pediatrics guidelines, the BAC recommended the start times at Milford Junior High School and Milford High School be pushed back to 8:30 a.m. from the current starting time of 7:15 a.m. In addition, the BAC recommended that the Board convene a sleep and school start time task force to develop a workable implementation plan. The BAC recommended that the Board engage the students, teachers, parents, and community in the implementation process.

Click here to view the BAC’s report.