Board Holds Work Session on Final Phase of Facilities Plan

Posted on: January 29, 2016

On January 28, Milford Board of Education held a work session to discuss future construction plans in the district.  At the Board meeting on January 7, approval was given to file paperwork for the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) to complete the final phase of the Master Facilities Plan.  The district is now in the queue for state funding in 2017 to complete plans for the building of a new junior high school and final phase of renovation to Milford High School.

 SHP Design lead architect, Charlie Jahnigen, who designed the new Seipelt and Boyd E. Smith buildings, led the session. The goals of the meeting were to help the Board and administrators establish a greater understanding of the scope of the project needs for Milford Junior High School and High School and to set a timeline for the next steps in the process.

 Mr. Jahnigen also shared what projects are funded by the OFCC guidelines and what projects are locally funded initiatives (LFI).  OFCC gives strict funding guidelines for the size of the building, classrooms, gym, etc. and any enhancements beyond these guidelines would become 100% locally funded.  The OFCC will fund approximately 27% of the construction of the junior high and renovations in the high school, and the remaining 73% would have to be locally funded through a bond issue. Preliminary estimates for just these two projects range from 62-64 million dollars.

 Since 2002, through co-funding from the OFCC, the district has built six elementary schools (two in progress), added four classrooms to Milford Junior High School, added the Ninth Grade Community and renovated parts of Milford High School.  Based on the OFCC assessment, the junior high school needs to be replaced.  The high school still has approximately 180,000 square feet that needs to be renovated or replaced to meet state standards including roofing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, security, technology, windows, doors and flooring.  The media center and auditorium are also too small for the size of the high school, which currently has more than 1,830 students. The track, press box, and stands at the high stadium are also in need of replacement.

 At the meeting, Mr. Jahnigen shared aerial images of the current Milford Junior High and High School campuses. The current junior high, except for the new addition of four classrooms in 2008, will be replaced with a new building. Mr. Jahnigen showed potential configurations of where the new junior high building could be located off of the current renovated wing of the junior high.  

 The next step in the process is to form a steering committee with Board members, district administrators, building principals, athletic director, staff members, parents and students to further evaluate the options and create plans that can be shared with the community for feedback.  A community survey (phone and online) will also be conducted to gain feedback on the facilities plan before the district moves forward with a bond issue. 

 According to Milford Treasurer, Debbie Caudle, the current local needs for the junior high school and high school would call for a bond issue of 3.37-3.93 mills or an additional $117-$137 a year per $100,000 of valuation.  The OFCC would contribute an additional 16-17 million dollars to the project.  A final budget for the project will not be determined until further input from the steering committee and community is complete and detailed plans are in place.

Work Session Facilities Presentation (pdf)