District Looks to Complete Master Facilities Plan

Posted on: June 9, 2016

The Milford School District is completing a phase of its Master Facilities Plan with the opening of two new elementary schools in August. The next phase of the Milford's Master Facilities Plan calls for replacement of the two oldest buildings in the district, the Milford Junior High School and the Milford Preschool. The completion of renovations to the Milford High School building and campus is also part of the plan and includes traffic routes, parking and extracurricular facilities. The district is now in the queue for state funding in 2017 to complete these plans. The Milford Business Advisory Committee is exploring community partnerships to reduce the costs to the taxpayer and enhance the overall plan.

A community survey will be conducted to solicit feedback on the facilities plan. In addition, the district will be hosting community meetings to share plans and receive input.

The district is currently evaluating options for the preschool, junior high school and high school projects. Click on the link below to view an overview of the plan.

District Wide Completion of Building Masterplan