Donation Enables All Milford Students To Be Trained in CPR

Posted on: December 2, 2016

Thanks to the generosity of American Heart Association volunteers, Dr. Frank and JoAnne Noyes, and corporate supporter, Mercy Health, the American Heart Association’s “CPR in Schools” kits will be provided to train Milford High School students.

This morning, Mrs. Noyes, Mercy Health representatives and volunteers from the American Heart Association launched this program and trained several Milford students to perform CPR in order to help train their peers. Milford High School will teach all its high school students hands-only CPR using the training kits, which allow people to learn CPR in about 22 minutes. Those who learn this way can then use the kit to train others.

“Thank you to Dr. and Mrs. Noyes and Mercy Health who have graciously funded the purchase of the CPR kits,” said MHS Principal, Josh Kauffman. “We greatly appreciate this contribution to our school as these kits will help train our students in this life-saving skill.”

House Bill 113, recently passed in June, requires CPR training for high school students, making Ohio the 33rd state to pass such a law.