Dr. Farrell Receives Distinguished Service Award from Ohio SRO's

Posted on: June 30, 2016

On June 28, Milford Superintendent, Dr. Robert Farrell, received the 2016 Distinguished School Service Award from the Ohio School Resource Officer's Association at the 2016 School Resource Officer/D.A.R.E. Officer conference in Dublin, Ohio. He was nominated for the award by Miami Township Police Chief Sue Madsen and Officer Kent Arter, one of Milford’s three School Resource Officers employed by the Miami Township Police Department.

“From the start of my assignment five years ago, I have witnessed Dr. Farrell’s genuine interest in the security and overall well-being of our students.  Dr. Farrell has opened the doors in all of his schools and encouraged our police department to conduct active intruder and live fire exercises,” Arter said. “Because of his eagerness to train his staff as additional instructors, we successfully trained over 3,000 students grades 7 through 12 and 460 faculty members in less than one school year.”

In his letter of nomination, Arter also shared Dr. Farrell’s compassion for students in crisis and support of mental health programs in Milford Schools. 

“Dr. Farrell has encouraged the use of Crisis Intervention Specialists (CIT) and school-based counseling well beyond what is expected.  Due to his eagerness to have that vital early mental health intervention, we now have a full-time mobile crisis counselor stationed at our police department.  Any time a student has a mental health crisis and school based counseling may not be enough, our mobile crisis intervention counselor is just a couple of minutes away,” Arter said.

Arter also cited Dr. Farrell’s support for the school resource program. Because of his reputation of being willingly proactive, Dr. Farrell was approached by our juvenile court judge asking if he would support a full-time juvenile probation officer stationed inside the high school. 

“Without hesitation, Dr. Farrell agreed, and the outcome has been an overwhelming success,” Arter said. “Dr. Farrell has clearly established a well-balanced relationship uniting the school, courts, mental health profession and police.  This relationship has proven its success over and over.”

“I want to thank the Ohio School Resource Officer's Association for the recognition.  The safety and security of our schools is of paramount importance, and these officers work together with the schools and their respective police departments to insure the safety of our students,” Dr. Farrell shared. “We are very fortunate to have the expertise and support from the Miami Township and Milford City police departments in the development of our emergency plans and the day to day response to the needs of our students.”