Expressing Life's Inner Beauty

Posted on: November 9, 2015
Milford High School photography students and students in the multiple disabilities classrooms held a collaborative art exhibition of portrait photography on Thursday, November 5, at the Oasis Conference Center in Loveland. Students collaborated to create portraits that celebrated the beauty, abilities, and diversity of the Milford student body. Students also shared short biographies about the partner they photographed. (Scroll down to see the photos)
"Our students did a tremendous job learning about the Special Needs community. They took on this project in a very open-minded manner. We did simulation experiences and talked about misunderstandings," shared Mrs. Janelle Schunk, Photography teacher. "It was much more than just a photography project. Instead, our students used photography as a catalyst to understand others."
This project was made possible because of generous donations from Milford Schools Foundation and The Oasis Conference Center. Special thanks to all the teachers involved: Lottie Bernard, Jerry Comello, Trena Panko, Janelle Schunk, and Leah Sears
"This project was meaningful to me because it showed me it doesn’t matter what's on the outside, but what's only on the inside. The one thing that I learned through this project that everyone has a voice and a personality but shows it differently," shared MHS photography student, Abbie Souter.

It is the second year of this portrait project and a moving example of our students celebrating the best in each other and making connections that are life-changing for all involved.
"I attended the exhibit and could not have been more impressed. It's a wonderful project and a great way for kids to meet and become friends that might not have done so otherwise. Milford Schools should be proud," shared Nancy Ray.