Google Chromebooks

Posted on: June 26, 2014

The Milford School District Strategic Technology Plan is recommending the use of Google Chromebooks or personal devices that support Chrome.  The district is encouraging all sixth grade parents to provide this device to their children to bring to school starting in seventh grade.  We are also using Chromebooks throughout the district at all grades.  If you are interested in purchasing a Chromebook for your child, we have attached special vendor price and ordering information. This special pricing is available for all Milford School District parents of students at any grade level.

Why Chromebooks?

  • All work is done in a browser-Send email, edit photos, and create documents in the browser. Thousands of app are available on the web and there is no complicated software to install
  • All work is saved on the web-All of the apps, documents, and settings are stored safely on the web and not on the device, which allows for access to your documents even from other computers
  • Chromebooks start up fast and last all day long.

Click here for Google Chromebooks purchase plan for parents.