MHS Autism Fundraising Campaign for Service Dog

Posted on: February 5, 2016

The Autism Behavior Unit at Milford High School is a specialized classroom serving students on the Autism Spectrum. The unit has been approved by 4Paws for Ability in Xenia, Ohio for an autism assistance facility dog. The dog will be trained to meet the needs of our students with disabilities and help them achieve their goals.

"We have many tools for students of all abilities on the spectrum, but we are adding to our toolbox," said MHS Intervention Specialist, Trena Panko. "We believe this dog will help us when we struggle, whether it‘s with behaviors caused by the many sensory and other trials that are part of this condition, communication and socialization, safety and independence, or simple comfort and security."

An assistance dog is expensive to train and the class must raise $15,000 for the 4Paws for Ability organization before receiving their dog.

Mrs. Panko has set up a site for fundraising on (Trena Panko MHS Autism Dog) so you can donate online. We have linked to the site below.

"As soon as we meet our goal we can look forward to being matched with our service dog. Follow our progress as we prepare to welcome our new friend from 4Paws!" Panko said.