Milford Board to Move Forward on Land Swap with Clermont County Library

Posted on: May 27, 2015

At the Milford Board of Education meeting held on Thursday, May 21, 2015, Mr. Chris Hamm, chairperson of the school district's Business Advisory Council (BAC), gave a summary and recommendation from the Business Advisory Council on the proposed land swap between the Clermont County Library and the school district. The Board had directed the BAC to study this proposal from the library and make a recommendation to the Board.

According to Mr. Hamm, the BAC looked at the proposal from the library to give the district its building and property on Route 131 across from Milford High School in exchange for the land on Buckwheat Road between Mulberry Elementary and St. Elizabeth Seton School. Based on their research and evaluation, the BAC recommended the Board accept the land swap because the property on Route 131 has more value and marketability to the district than the parcel of land on Buckwheat which has limited marketability and development options. The BAC also felt that it would be a positive to have a library located between the elementary schools. 

"The Milford Schools are excited about being approached by the library for this partnership because the library will be located within safe walking distance of both Mulberry and St. Elizabeth Seton schools, and the property on 131 could have several potential uses to the district because of its central location and proximity to the Junior High and High School building," Milford Superintendent Dr. Robert Farrell said.

The Board agreed to move forward on the land swap agreement. The next step is to have a survey of the land on Buckwheat with the costs of the surveyor split between the library and the district. After the survey is complete, the agreement will be updated and taken back to the school board for final approval.

The Board clarified that accepting the land swap does not mean the district offices will move to the building on 131. Regardless of what district does with the property, the Board determined the lot and building on 131 is of more value to the district that the parcel of land on Buckwheat Road. Before determining if the district will move offices to the library on 131, the BAC will study the marketability of Milford South where the current administrative offices are located.