Pattison Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day

Posted on: March 22, 2016

Pattison Elementary celebrated World Down Syndrome Day on Monday, May 21, with a musical performance from Melodic Connections, a local music studio for individuals with developmental disabilities.

In the afternoon, Tika Tollett read "My Friend Isabelle" to the entire first grade. Tika is the mother of Pattison first grader, Leightyn, who has Down Syndrome. For the past five years, she has visited Leightyn's class to read this book, which encourages children to see that people with DownSyndrome are not that different and it is easy to be friends with someone with Down Syndrome.

In addition to the concert, students wore crazy, mismatched socks to help get students talking about Down Syndrome.

According to Tika Tollett, "The socks might not be exactly the same color or design, but even the mismatched ones are still socks and can be a pair if we change our mindset about what a pair of socks is supposed to be! People with Down Syndrome are more like their peers than they are different. It is very easy to become friends with or include people with Down syndrome in our schools and communities as well, if we work a bit to change everyone's mindset when it comes to accepting small differences!"

Melodic Connections welcomed Pattison first graders, Leightyn and Aidan, on stage for two of their songs. Our own resident Elvis, custodian Jim Jones, also joined the band for Jailhouse Rock!