Photojournalism Students Partner with SEM Residents

Posted on: January 29, 2016

Milford High School's photojournalism students, under the direction of teacher Janelle Schunk, have partnered with 14 residents at SEM Villa and will meet weekly with their partners through April. The goal of the partnership is to provide high school photojournalism students with a meaningful real-world application of the skills they are developing in the classroom, while also providing needed connection and social interaction for senior residents in our community.

"Students will build a relationship outside of their typical social group through oral interviews, audio recordings, and photographic projects," Mrs. Schunk shared.

The students will then collaborate with their senior partners to develop a photo story that represents the life of their partner. As a final component, students will create a formal exhibition of their stories in May. In the classroom, students are reflecting on their experiences, learning about affordable housing, senior needs, and photojournalism content.

Our photojournalism students are also completing short-term projects surrounding other community stories like interviewing shop owners in Old Milford. Their experiences will be documented on Instagram at mhsphotojournalism. Follow them!