Service Learning Project Helps Local Pantry

Posted on: June 2, 2016

Service learning comes in all forms at Milford High School.

Students from Ms. Rheinheimer's and Mrs. Barker's English 10 class decided they wanted to help Dana Dunaway, founder of Newborn 2 Teen, for their Service Learning Project. Through interviewing Dunaway, the students learned that Newborn 2 Teen is a non-profit organization located on Route 28 in Milford, and its core purpose is to help the working poor in our neighborhood. While Newborn 2 Teen sells second-hand goods, the core mission is to provide food through a donation-based food pantry. All of the proceeds from the store go back to facility costs and then to buying food. Dunaway expressed the need for a website, resources to provide to her clients about rental assistance and other financial aid, and advertising flyers.

Using research skills, Google apps, and Weebly, the students created a website and produced the information that Newborn 2 Teen needed. Students also came out the other side with a newfound perspective..

"Every day, I have passed Newborn 2 Teen not knowing it was a non-profit organization and that they help people that have needs. Because of service learning, I know that people may not have as much as I do, and it helped me understand how I can help or what I can do to help change someone's life." -Chardaia Sanders

"Other students should do a project like this because it is a great experience. You learn new things and understand the world differently."  -Allie Salines

"Because of the project, I'm now able to see and realize the real world problems that are happening right in front of my eyes." -Nolan Thomason

"I think other students should do a service learning project because it opens your eyes a little bit and it makes you appreciate things that you have and not taking anything for granted." -Kaylee Howell

"By doing this project for Dana, I discovered that not all heroes wear capes. All that it takes to be a hero is to just get out there, and you can help anyone in need." -Ethan Cole