Special Olympians Participate in Field and Track Events

Posted on: May 16, 2016

Kudos to all the Milford students who participated in the Area 1 - Special Olympics field and track events held on May 7. Special thanks to all of our high school students who help mentor and lead our Special Olympic Athletes to their events.  We also appreciate our teachers who provide support and guidance to these student athletes.

Here's a list of all the participants, volunteers and teachers:

McCormick Elementary

  •  Brayden Bebout
  • Natalie Campbell
  • Isaac Jasinoski
  • Regina Juergens
  • Sara Rudd

 Pattison Elementary

  •  Quinn Hovind
  • Leightyn Tolbert
  • Parker Kahle
  • Cheyenne Carper

Milford Junior High

  •  Christopher Barber
  • Weston Brossart
  • Grace Marshall
  • Katie Smith

Milford High School

  • Shane Barnes
  • Gavin Childress
  • Avery Clark
  • Elena Ferguson
  • Michael Gilhooley
  • Gregory Hardware
  • Adam Hendricks
  • Justin McMullen
  • Yanni Seward
  • Kyle Stewart
  • James Wade
  • John Wahl
  • Parker Wheat
  • Jake Wolffram

 Former Students

  • Tyler Cook
  • Eric Vandenoever

Milford High School Student Volunteers 

  • Tara Mick
  • Alexis Brossart
  • Gianna DiSilvestro
  • Anna Bollinger
  • Bethany Fernandes
  • Bret Woodrum
  • Brenda Dugan
  • Alex Shiplett
  • Kayla Fouss
  • Olivia Vollman
  • Dominik Dalessandro
  • Josh Bobo
  • Dakota Lefker
  • Kaylee Coultas
  • Hannah Thierauf
  • Abby Thierauf
  • Jack McKenney
  • Kelsey McKenney 

MHS Teacher Volunteers

  • Steve Hartings
  • Kristi McKenney


  • Katie Benza
  • Denise Baum
  • Julie Davalla
  • Lottie Bernard
  • Jerry Comello
  • Trena Panko
  • Leah Sears

 "Everything went great and all had a good time!  All of the above need to be recognized for all of their hard work in making our Special Olympics great," shared Sandy and Rick Dennison, Clermont County Special Olympics head coaches.