State Releases Report Card; Milford Continues to Achieve at High Levels

Posted on: January 14, 2016
Tags: State report card

he Ohio Department of Education is releasing the 2014-15 district and building report cards in two releases. The first release on January 14 includes the K-3 literacy component; graduation rate; and prepared for success measure, which grades districts on how students fare with college admission tests. The state will release the remaining components — achievement, gap closing, and progress — as well as information about gifted students and district financial expenditures on February 25.

For the state testing administered last year, the achievement of Milford School students did not drop as demonstrated by other states that had experienced these new tests.  All of Milford's results exceeded the state averages, and Milford exceeded the state indicators in every area.  All of our third grade students met the requirements for the third grade reading guarantee.  Milford’s four year and five year graduation rate were both rated an "A" by the state of Ohio.  

It was the first time that the state of Ohio used the PARCC as a testing provider; so it is difficult to compare our results to prior years, but the district is still able to learn about the achievement patterns of our students and can make adjustments in instruction in how we teach our academic standards.  This school year the state of Ohio will be using AIR instead of PARCC as a provider for all state tests.  Milford's curriculum is aligned to the state standards; so even though comparing one year to the next is difficult, the district can compare a student's proficiency relative to each standard.  

“We are proud of our students for their achievement in the latest state testing, and we continue as a district to work together with our parents and greater Milford community in preparing our students for college and career success,” Milford Superintendent, Dr. Robert Farrell said.

Milford Exempted Village School District 2014-15 State Report Card (first release-January 14, 2016)