Ninth Grade Community News

Community Shares Input on Facilities Plan

Posted on: October 27, 2016

A total of 761 individuals responded to the Milford Exempted Village School District online survey about its Master Facilities plan. The online survey, which was posted for three weeks, ended on October 14.

The current facilities plan currently includes replacing the Milford Junior High School building; renovating parts of Milford High School that have not been updated; replacing the current auditorium with one that meets the needs of the current student population; renovating athletic facilities; and replacing the Milford Preschool.

Highlights of the survey results:

More than 85% said they are strongly or somewhat in support of the completion of the facilities master plan.

  • More than 65% of respondents think that the district buildings that are recommended to be updated or replaced are poor and need to be replaced. In contrast, 25% felt that these facilities are adequate (22%) or good (3%).
  • Close to 84% said they strongly or somewhat support the renovation of all academic spaces of Milford High School that have not been updated.
  • More than 91% strongly or somewhat agree with replacing Milford Junior High School.
  • Close to 54% strongly or somewhat agree with replacing Milford Preschool.
  • Almost 75% strongly or somewhat support adding a new high school auditorium with a capacity for 1,000 students.
  • More than 71% strongly or somewhat support replacement of athletic facilities (stadium bleachers, restrooms, concession space and press box, weight room).
  • Close to 85% said regardless of the various construction items being considered in the district, something needs to be done soon to expand or improve school facilities.
  • Almost 94% said it is important for the district to take advantage of the 27% in state funding (OFCC) to complete the master plan. 

The survey also had two opportunities for respondents to share comments. More than 500 community members wrote comments regarding their degree of support for the master plan.

The following is a summary of the comments:

  • A large majority of these comments were supportive of the replacement of Milford Junior High School.
  • There was significant support for completing the entire master plan including the renovation of the high school, a 1,000 seat auditorium, the preschool, and the athletic facilities.
  • 10% specifically mentioned not using bond monies to replace the pre-school, an additional 3% commented that the preschool should be located back in the elementary schools
  • 10% of the comments specifically mentioned not using bond monies to fund athletic facilities.
  • 7% of the comments were concerned about increased taxes.
  • 5% did not trust the district’s plan or felt it was a waste of money.
  • 5% wanted more information.
  • 3% specifically supported a smaller plan for renovation or replacement.

Milford School District has a 60-person Community Advisory (CAC) Committee that has been studying the facilities plan. The committee has participated in a visioning process to learn about and discuss the educational facilities that will be necessary to support teaching/learning in the 21st century. A community meeting regarding the master facilities plan was also held on October 25, at Milford High School.

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