Ninth Grade Community News

MHS Partners with Local Businesses for Internships

Posted on: March 11, 2019
Miami Township Fire
In an effort to promote both career and college readiness, Milford High School has launched a new pilot internship program with Miami Township Fire Department and Lykins Oil company. Milford teachers Taryn Barker and Jimmy Carter have been working with the students and employers.
“This is a great opportunity for the students to be exposed to careers in public safety and local government. Many of our firefighter/paramedics came into their jobs early in their lives as volunteers and made a career out of it. Along the way, they have earned college degrees but in a more non-traditional way," said Miami Township Fire Chief Steve Kelly, "We wanted to give the Milford students another option to the traditional “graduate then off to college” model. There are a lot of great opportunities to learn a skill set, get a job and still work on an advanced degree in a field that interests them. We are honored to partner with Milford High School on this pilot program.”
At Miami Township, four students are working with a mentor crew of firefighters for three hours each week. Students will go through seven rotations which “shifts” with the crews and will include training exercises and joining the firefighters on emergency runs. At the end of the training, students will participate in the traditional physical challenge/firefighter confidence exercise.
"I like the fact that we get to go on ride-alongs which is fun because you get to be in the action and learn about it. It's opened my eyes to the possibility of a career path to being a firefighter and EMS,” said Milford senior, Sydney Santiago.
The second internship is with Lykins Oil where four students are working three hours a week in six different areas of the office: customer service, sales, dispatch, finance, information technology, and human resources. Each week the Lykins liaison for that department gives the students a challenge task. They also have an internship manual and weekly assignments/reflections.
"Lykins Oil has been fun, interesting, and a challenge for me. I have really enjoyed it," shared Milford junior, Sam Taylor.
Students were placed in either the Miami Township Fire Department or Lykins based on their interests. It has given them the opportunity to see if they want to pursue careers in these fields.
“We want our students to graduate with soft skills and we want them to be career ready. I am a firm believer that career readiness is as important as college readiness,” said Milford High School teacher and Special Education Department Chair, Taryn Barker.
According to Mrs. Barker, the intent is to expand the internship program so more seniors can participate. The vision is for the program to become an elective series that develops career readiness skills and culminates in the senior year with an internship.
“We are seeing a deficit in the available labor pool for people who are interested and qualified to work in public safety jobs like firefighting, EMS and law enforcement. This pilot internship program will hopefully introduce the next generation of public safety professionals to a meaningful career that they might not have thought of previously. There are a lot of great jobs and opportunities for advanced education, we just need to find ways to let people know that public safety is an option for them to consider during and after their high school careers,” Chief Kelly said.