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Milford High School Honor's Students at Principal's Breakfast

Posted on: October 10, 2016
Principal's Breakfast Honorees

As a part of our building-wide implementation of PBIS, Milford High School held its first Principal’s Breakfast on Monday, October 10. The Principal’s Breakfast is a quarterly nomination program that recognizes high school students for accountability, integrity, and resilience. Each department nominates one student in each of these three pillars for the quarterly program.

Twenty-four students were honored this morning at the breakfast. Along with milk, juice and doughnuts, Mr. Kauffman recognized each student by reading the reason for his or her nomination.

“We are so much more than an outstanding academic institution and this morning we were able to celebrate a number of our students who have demonstrated our core values of Accountability, Integrity, and Resilience at an incredibly high level,” Mr. Kauffman shared. “Our young people demonstrate greatness both inside and outside of the classroom on a daily basis and today is a great opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate that."


Clayton Virzi

Meghan Kernan

Leah Breuer

Bethany Fernandes

Natalie Burlingham

Shawn Wright

Eli Davis

Nick Jewett

Chloe Elleman

Madeline Ponder

Ziven Havens

Killian Jones

Bo McCormick

Meghan Kernan

Collin Frondorf

Claire Ackerman

Kendyll Dicker

Caleb Cambron

Samantha Chumley

Max Wolter

Adriana White

Ali Khan

Caroline Anthony

Michael Bough