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1.5.21 What has been updated in the Return to Learning Plan?


Is Preschool offered both In-Person and Eagle Online?

If the district is required to close and become fully remote again under Plan B, will there be an on-line option for preschoolers at that time?

Will class sizes change? What will the ratio of typically developing students to special education be? 

Will preschoolers be required to wear a mask?


How often and when will common areas be disinfected during the school day when students are in the buildings?

How will additional hand washing and hand sanitizing be handled? Will additional handwashing or hand sanitizing stations need to be installed in buildings?

Will the children be required to use sanitizer at school? If so, can they bring their own? 

How often will water bottle refill stations be disinfected? 

Has the district increased the number of custodial staff and / or the number of hours dedicated to custodial work? 

How often will the electrostatic sprayer equipment be used? Will it be used when students are in the building?


How can I find my child's bus information?

What is the transportation department’s plans for cleaning buses and ensuring social distancing on the buses during transportation? 

If we choose to transport our children rather than have them ride the bus, we will be able to change that during the school year if we need them to ride the bus?

Will siblings sit together?

If our child doesn’t need transportation every day, but maybe one or two days a week, is that allowed?


Who do I contact with questions about my student’s IEP or 504?

Will my student receive IEP/504 accommodations?  

How will my student’s IEP/504 be reviewed?

How will my student receive specially designed instruction per their IEP?  

Will my student be able to receive occupational, physical, or speech therapy? 

What if my student (on an IEP or 504) has a documented medical need and is unable to wear a mask? 

What if I choose in-person instruction for my student on an IEP and he/she gets sick and has to quarantine? 


Will you offer Extended Day?

If Extended Day is not going to operate do we get our deposit back? 

Can Extended Day be utilized as an as-needed basis? 


Will parents be allowed in the school for emergencies? How will that be handled? 

Will students be allowed to bring their own devices to school?

Will the teachers be handing out materials to students and if so how will this be handled to ensure there is no contamination of the students?

Will volunteers be permitted in the school buildings?

Will you cap In-Person enrollment? 

Will classroom doors and windows be open to maximize air flow? 

If our kids have to quarantine at home for two weeks what will their education look like during that time? Will the teachers be providing work for them to do at home?


Will Chromebooks be provided for students who will be in Eagle Online?

With Eagle Online, will there be a dual camera system used so both my child and the teacher can see each other? 

Can families choose Eagle Online and then if it is not working, switch to homeschooling? 

If my child is in Eagle Online, may they come to school to participate in Clubs? 

Will Eagle Online students still be allowed to take sick-days if they do not feel well enough to  attend virtual classes even though they are at home?

Will we need to buy classroom supplies for Eagle Online students? Will student fees be changed?

If parents choose to homeschool their children instead of the Eagle Online option, does this impact the students’ ability to participate in extra-curricular activities through the district?

What considerations are being taken to help parents who must work every day? Is Eagle Online something students can do in the evening or at their own pace?

How does Eagle Online differ from other virtual schools (K12, Apex, etc)?

For Eagle Online, will students be graded the same way as students who participate in person? 

Will I have to pay fees if my child is in Eagle Online? 

Will kindergarten be offered for full day for Eagle Online? 

If an elementary child is learning through Eagle Online, will they need a parent sitting with them at any point throughout the day?

Will there be worksheets sent home for use for elementary grades?

Could a junior high or high school student be excluded from an accelerated or honors course due to selection of the Eagle Online model?

What are Apex courses, referenced in the Return to Learning plan, as being for grade 12 students?

What AP Classes will be offered for Eagle Online?

At the high school, if students go from Eagle Online for their first semester and then choose to come In Person for the second semester, how will that transition look for them?

Can I bring my junior high or high school student to school just for their electives, for example, for Media Tech or Choir?


What factors are used when making the decision between Plan A and Plan B? 

What happens if I choose Eagle Online for my student and the district enacts Plan B?

What is the difference between Eagle Online and Remote Learning? If a parent chooses In-Person learning for their child and the district begins Remotely, what does remote learning look like?


If a teacher or student tests positive for COVID-19 are they required to quarantine?

If a child cannot get a COVID test, either due to lack of tests or individual circumstances, what are the requirements the child must meet in order to return to school? 

What if my child has a fever but no other symptoms of COVID?

What is considered “an exposure” to COVID?


What happens if a student doesn't wear a mask?

What types of masks are approved?

Will kids be allowed to remove masks when sitting at their own individual desk? 

Will students have breaks during the day where they can take off their mask?

Are there any exemptions that will be accepted for the mask requirement, specifically for health reasons?

Will masks be required to be worn while students are in PE class?

Are face shields allowed? 

If Ohio cancels the mask mandate, will Milford Schools be cancelling the mandate for students?

If a child has an exemption and is not required to wear a mask, will those students wear a shield and will they be away from children who are wearing masks? What happens if a student refuses to wear a mask? 


What are the latest guidelines about athletics?


What about state standardized tests this year for either option? Will those happen?   

Which High School courses are offered for In-Person and Eagle Online?

Do families need to choose the same option for all their students - for example if they have elementary students and high school students in the same household?